Workers’ Compensation Solutions

Member: Geoff Dixon
Title: Director
Company: WCD – Workers’ Compensation Solutions
Contact: N/A

Profile: WCD – Workers’ Compensation Solutions (WCD) has been operating in Australia for the past eleven years, providing Workers’ Compensation Management Services to some of Australia’s largest organisations. We currently have over 50 staff in Australia and are located in Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne and Adelaide.

WCD Approach…
Workers’ Compensation premiums represent your second largest employee related expense after payroll. So it makes sense to maximize the value you get from your premiums!
We aim for enduring partnerships with all our customers. Our first five clients of eleven years ago, when we first formed WCD, still utilise our advisory services today.

WCD have four core areas of operation:
1. Claims and Injury Management
2. Premium Management
3. Resourcing
4. Self Insurance
Our sister company RiskTech…
RiskTech is an independent risk management consulting organisation offering strategic and operational risk management solutions to the private and public sectors both direct and through the insurance industry.
RiskTech have three core areas of operation:
1. Business @ Risk – Strategic Risk Management
2. Assets @ Risk – Asset and insurable risk Management
3. People @ Risk – OHS Services

Geoff Dixon -Director
Geoff brings a wealth of Workers’ Compensation experience having spent 25 years in the workers’ compensation consulting arena. In this time Geoff has held various consulting positions within international risk management consulting organisations.
As a Director of the company Geoff is responsible for input into its strategic as well as general operational direction. Geoff is based in Melbourne and is responsible for the management of WCD’s Victorian and South Australian operations.
As a Principal Consultant Geoff manages client relationships, which requires him to ensure that the client is kept informed of all WCD activity. Further this involves him interacting with senior management, addressing issues and opportunities arising from work with them. Geoff’s specialty covers Financial Management, Premium Management and Key Performance Indicators.

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