The Wilpak Group

Member: Adam J Wilson
Title: Managing Director
Company: The Wilpak Group Pty Ltd
Contact: N/A

Profile: The Wilpak Group Pty Ltd was established in July 2005 after initially operating as Wilpak Pty Ltd, a company that was established in 2003.

Adam J Wilson, the Managing Director, came across the product in its raw form in a roll when working for a packaging company. Realising its potential he quit and established his own business to develop it further. Adam built and trademarked the Insulcap brand and established manufacturing in Melbourne.

The company’s main focus is on the on-going development and marketing of Insulcap – a highly efficient and cost effective means for protecting sensitive products during transportation and shipment. Insulcap is an insulated pallet bag made up of a five layered thermal wall that keeps products at near consistent temperatures.

The company has trialled their products in a number of industry sectors including processed and fresh foods, transport, beverage, confectionary, dairy and fresh produce.

For further information on us and our products, please refer to

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