Member Benefits

Benefits of Membership

The benefits of being a member of The Captains’ Club Business Edge (or better expressed as WIIFM – what’s in it for me?)

  • Monthly forums to discuss issues, interact and learn from others.
  • Support network of positive and successful senior business people.
  • Sounding board for issues and ideas.
  • Innovation and new applications of product/services.
  • Personal development (learning from your peers).
  • Your own MasterMind group (ala “Think and Grow Rich”, Napoleon Hill).
  • Safe environment to think out loud.
  • A group, if given permission, to challenge you and your thinking and push your boundaries.
  • Fellowship – it’s lonely at the top.
  • Fun – an opportunity to be a little irreverent and have a ‘laugh’.
  • Bell weather to what is happening from a socio economic view (early warning indicators).
  • Network of contacts (people who know people).
  • Exposure to thought leaders (both within the group and guests).
  • The Captains’ Club’s own reference blog – to keep up to date with members progress, success, new products, processes and opportunities.
  • Access to business tools, including pod casts, blogs and other social media tools.
  • Development and ideas for application in leadership, productivity, customer service, business development, teamwork, talent management and self development.
  • Opportunities for group purchasing and bulk purchasing.
  • Targeted introductions into prospective clients.

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