Strategies For Overcoming Feeling Overwhelmed

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HR professionals wear many hats. When you work in HR, the moment you take off one hat, another one pops on. One minute you’re thinking like a recruiter, the next you’re handling an employee relations issue, the next you are strategizing with a leader on a plan or program.  One hat I like wearing is that of coach and counsellor.  I use my skill and experience to guide managers and employee and often, it spills over to family and friends.

Regardless of whether I am at work or at home, there are people who need advice and guidance on how to best respond to certain situations.  Quite frequently, it involves the individual being completely overwhelmed with the demands that others put on them and that they put on themselves.  Even I have fallen prey to these feelings in the past.  There is one exercise I have found to be helpful in this situation.  I call it the One Small Thing.

Here’s how it works:

  • Make a list that includes each area of your life where you feel overwhelmed. For example, work, spouse, children, personal.
  • Now, each day do one small thing that can ultimately lead to change in that area of your life.
    • For example, if the problem is your job and you think you can repair the relationship, one small thing may be scheduling a call with your boss and communicating more. If you feel like you need to move on and repairing the situation is not an option, use each day to make one call to someone in your network who can help you find a new position.
    • If the issue is at home with your children, the one small thing might be asking them to spend time taking a walk or talking with you, going on a bike ride, finding something around the house to work on together.
    • If the issue is personal and you’re not building in any time for your personal interests, the one small thing may be to commit to scheduling at least fifteen minutes a day to do something selfish, just for your enjoyment.
  • Each day, keep track of what you’re doing in each category.

If you follow the ‘one small thing’ exercise, I guarantee that after a couple weeks, you’ll find that you’re much farther ahead in creating situations where you can be successful and fulfilled.  By approaching a problem in incremental steps, you will find that you are no longer overwhelmed.  You will be taking control over the things you CAN control and that is the right approach.

Adam Wilson – 20 Questions

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Who has influenced you most professionally?

The Great K.M. who never gives up on me. Also two others. One is my former Manager at Sealed Air, John Soldo who is fantastic motivator and lateral thinker. Also the former M.D. at Sealed Air Australia, Peter Chomley, who told me after earning over $10K in commission in 6 months that he wouldn’t be paying me because it was too much to be giving a Sales Rep.

Who has influenced you most personally?

Kerry Day, my loving girlfriend.
Robert Henley, a family friend.

What is your motto?

It’s easier to get forgiven than it is to get permission

Whom do you admire?

People who continually give themselves to any cause to help and never whinge. Barry Harvey springs to mind. He never ceases to amaze me at his listening skills and ability to be able to communicate with people from all walks of life. (Putting up with Cole for all those years should be enough alone to earn him another A.M.)

What has been your best experience?

Being at the birth of my daughter

What has been your worst experience?

Anytime Essendon win!

Seriously, I don’t subscribe to this because these experiences can, and most times do, give you the greatest learning you can ever get

What has been your most formative experience?

In business, my girlfriend’s father, who has been in business for over 30 years, told me what to expect when going into business. Everything he said not to do I did, and everything he told me to do I didn’t. It near finished my starting in business and cost me a lot of money.

In my personal life an ex football coach of mine, Michael McLean, told me ‘Everyone falls over, its how you get up that counts’

What has been your greatest achievement?

Being a Dad

What is your favourite book?

John Ilhan’s book ‘Crazy John’

What is your favourite viewing?

’99 Preliminary Final

What is your favourite destination?


How would you describe yourself?

The most complicated simple person alive

How do you present yourself to the world?

It can be done, we just have to ask the right people.

I endeavour to show empathy to any person and situation

What is your favourite place and time?

At the footy watching the Kangas with my daughter.
Yarrawonga with family and friends.

What are you optimistic about?

Being happy and successful

What do you like to eat and drink?

Love a Corona. Favourite food is Japanese

What is success to you?

Being truly happy with yourself.
Finishing the day knowing more than I did at the start.
Achieving your goals

How do you stay up to date with ideas and trends?

Listen and ask, in that order

Greatest professional and personal breakthrough?

Professional was getting an opportunity with Murray Goulburn to supply them Insulcap® . Also employing my righthand man Ajit.

Personal was no doubt becoming a father. People used to tell me how much my life would change and benefit but I had no by idea how much! Having a daughter made me see things from the opposite sex side, as it made me think with empathy that I never really knew before as I’ve always been a male.

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