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Always Save Time To Exercise

Posted in High performance on March 31st, 2010 by admin – Be the first to comment

In a series published in business and entrepreneurial magazine, Inc., 15 CEOs share their secret for being more productive:

“With the exception of one or two days a year, I work out every single day. Fitting a workout into the work day reduces stress, keeps you healthy, and is great for getting “alone time” to work out business and personal problems. When someone asks for a non work-related meeting, see if they are up for doing the meeting while running or biking together. Work out at lunchtime and then eat at your desk.”

Mike Cassidy is the CEO of travel and tour site Ruba. He has also been the co-founder and CEO of Xfire (a company that helps gamers play online with their friends), Direct Hit (an internet search engine), and Sylus Innovation (which produced a computer telephony software).

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