BLINKIST getting to WHY. Restore home harmony!

There is a war waging. Close to home. In fact it is in my home! Largely it has been lost although I am putting up a valiant rearguard.
As no surprise my wife is captain of our ship at home. Well probably sadly more than that – my 24/7. But let’s just focus on home.
She believes everything has its place. Unfortunately the study we share, my grossly over stacked book shelves, has a place in her mind. As far out of my/her/ our home as possible.
” But honey these books define me!”
I pathetically offer. Knowing it would just feed my demise.
This week I might just have found my saving grace on Apple Apps. Not only save my self respect and homely harmony but time as well.
BLINKIST is an App which delivers a prĂ©cis of the latest non fiction books in a tight 10 best points. A normal management book which when read will soak up between 2O hours and 12 months ( I still have George W Bush’s War on Iraq-the second one) beside my bed. Now taking all the hyperbole out takes 15 -20 mins to get the core take aways.
It means I won’t be a midnight visit to sneakily get my latest purchase and wedge it into fully populated shelves. Foolishly I thought the Kindle was my saviour till I found to effortlessly download now has left me with a list more than 100 books to read.
I can also copy and resend relevant portions to clients and colleagues. So if the folks from Blinkist are working on the Simon Sinek WHY to their offering,
then add a Why to saving a marriage and restoring harmony at least in the Millar household .

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