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BLINKIST getting to WHY. Restore home harmony!

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There is a war waging. Close to home. In fact it is in my home! Largely it has been lost although I am putting up a valiant rearguard.
As no surprise my wife is captain of our ship at home. Well probably sadly more than that – my 24/7. But let’s just focus on home.
She believes everything has its place. Unfortunately the study we share, my grossly over stacked book shelves, has a place in her mind. As far out of my/her/ our home as possible.
” But honey these books define me!”
I pathetically offer. Knowing it would just feed my demise.
This week I might just have found my saving grace on Apple Apps. Not only save my self respect and homely harmony but time as well.
BLINKIST is an App which delivers a prĂ©cis of the latest non fiction books in a tight 10 best points. A normal management book which when read will soak up between 2O hours and 12 months ( I still have George W Bush’s War on Iraq-the second one) beside my bed. Now taking all the hyperbole out takes 15 -20 mins to get the core take aways.
It means I won’t be a midnight visit to sneakily get my latest purchase and wedge it into fully populated shelves. Foolishly I thought the Kindle was my saviour till I found to effortlessly download now has left me with a list more than 100 books to read.
I can also copy and resend relevant portions to clients and colleagues. So if the folks from Blinkist are working on the Simon Sinek WHY to their offering,
then add a Why to saving a marriage and restoring harmony at least in the Millar household .

We grow people

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At Millar Inc We don’t train people. Monkeys are trained. Dogs and other animals are trained. Even children can be trained at an early age. But as people get older they have developed habits and attitudes from their life experiences.
So it becomes more difficult to train a
person. That is why at Millar Inc we grow people to their potential.

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