10 Things You Can Do With LinkedIn Motivational Quotes

By Keith Millar

RECENTLY A MEMBER of professional social media network LinkedIn asked in one of the forums “what is your favorite motivational quote?” Some thousands of posts later the list has taken on Everest proportion.

Here are 10 Ideas you could apply with this exponential list that Ziggy Ziggler and James Rohan would be proud of:

1.   Publish your own book of motivational quotes and give to your clients.

2.   Create a montage of quotes in a poster and offer as a premium, or bonus with purchases.

3.   Run a poll of the Top 10 quotes posted to date.

4.   Use your favorites as the core message in a blog post you author.

5.   Use each of the best quotes as themes for your team meetings–and how lessons from this quote will build  relationships within your team or with your customers

6.   Use as the motivational theme for your actions for the week.

7.   Use as screen savers

8.   Tweet to the blogosphere.

9.   Make into flashcards and use for training sessions

10.  Use as an icebreaker at conferences where guests are given one quote and must find and pair in the room with another given the same quote.

With your imagination I am sure you could add to the list.

We would love to hear what they are?

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