10 Social Media actions you can take now!

By Social Small Biz on January 4, 2010

In many ways 2009 was the year that social media came of age. 2010 is therefore likely to be the year when more and more businesses start giving it a try.


1. Secure your name – with more and more people and businesses now using a range of social networks, it is important that you protect your brand by ‘taking’ a presence on the popular and emerging portals. Even if you don’t intend to use it straight away, at least it will be there for you in the future

2. Decide your objective – what are you aiming to achieve through social media? Sales? Brand awareness? Make sure you have an idea about this before you start

3. Find your customers/clients - with so many possible social media tactics and portals out there, it is important to do your research. One of the best ways to do this initially is to ask your customers what they currently use. Do they prefer Twitter or is Linkedin their primary social network of choice?

4. Just give it a go – sometimes with social media, the best way to learn is just to get going! You might want to set up a personal account first to try and get the hang of things before launching in from a business standpoint

5. Start small - there is no need to go in full throttle from the start. Begin small scale and work out what is best before increasing your activity

6. Focus on content - content is king online and often the key to success is creating great content that your audience will want to read and share. Whether this is blog posts, videos or tweets, coming up with something engaging is vital

7. Put in place measurement targets – as with all marketing, measurement is important. Put in place some initial targets – these could be qualitative or quantitative – e.g. website hits, sales, followers on Twitter etc.

8. Monitor what is being said - keeping an eye on any mentions of your brand on the web is vital to social media marketing. You can check out our selection of top free monitoring tools

9. Keep an eye on the competition – competitive advantage is important in business. So keep an eye on what your competition is doing online through social media. Is there anything you can replicate? Are they behind the game? Can you secure an early advantage?

10. Share your experiences with others – The social media community is very collaborative, especially in these early days. So why not share your experiences – good and bad – with others. We plan to run some small business social media case studies in 2010 so do get in touch if you have something to share!

What action will you take in the immediate future?

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