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Here is a very recent post (this week) and a comment on the World Forum on Social Media Marketing and the rapid wane of traditional media.  Keith Millar.

“I have been at the Social Media World Forum for the past 2 days and have been speaking with leading marketing professionals from a wide range of industries both B2B and B2C. Those that work with small, medium and corporate companies. The story was the same across the board…marketing budgets are being pulled away from all other areas and directed in to Social Media, billions and billions of dollars of budget.

The reason for this is simple, this is where consumers eyes are.

If you are considering purchasing anything now, from a book, a business or anything, it is extremely likely that you will use the internet to aide in your decision making process and this is a trend that is increasing day by day.

Currently 15% of every hour spent surfing the internet is spent on Facebook alone. When you add in other social networks, this number rises considerably.

This simply cannot be ignored and by doing so you will be missing out on the greatest marketing development of our generation. .”

Ben Croft Corporate Coach, UK

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