Under the Blowtorch with David Burlew

Under the Blowtorch with David Burlew
National Manager, Market Representation,
Nissan Motor Co (Australia) Pty Ltd

David Burlew

First paying job?
Cleaning the toilets and mowing the grass at the local shops. I think I was 11 or 12

Most favourite song?

Lazy, Deep Purple, Machine Head 1972 Side 1, track #2

Song that you never want to hear ever again?

Lazy, Deep Purple, Machine Head 1972 Side 1, track #2

Who are the 5 people you would like to be marooned with on a dessert island? (careful your wife might have access to this blog!)

Ginger and Mary-Ann, Capt Jack Sparrow cause he seems to be pretty handy on a desert  island and Richie Blackmore (lead guitarist from Deep Purple, I’d give him one more chance)

In an employee the trait you admire?


The trait you thoroughly dislike/despise?


What was the name of your first (rock) band?

Your Shout

In another life who would you like to be?

In another life, I think I would like to be me. I reckon I could get it right this time.

Who are 3 leaders you admire and why (dead or alive)?

Jesus Christ, an inspirational example of selfless leadership (see answer #13), My mum, at 85,  awarded OAM 2010 for services to volunteering, and JFK bay of pigs (which I believe ultimately cost him his life)

You speak of negotiable and non negotiable rules for employees, what do you mean by that and what are they currently?

If my team understand where the electric fence is located and what the consequences are for breaching the fence, they are more likely not to get themselves into trouble. So it’s only fair that they understand the boundaries.  These include:-

No surprises … i.e. always keep me in the loop.  If there is bad news I want to hear it from you, not my boss and not from a customer.

Don’t tell me lies.

Don’t steal from me.

Words of wisdom you would pass on to a young Y gen?

People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care

What are your greatest strengths (this might challenge your modesty!)?

Clarity of purpose, sense of humour, including a fair capacity to laugh at myself. I am told by others a sense of fairness and if I see a wrong, I try to fix it.

What learning (or if there are several) has had the most impact on your life – business or personal)?

Personally when Brony endured two bouts of cancer and beat it. We received a no Bull Shit miracle and that changed my life on a spiritual level. Commercially it was the recession we had to have. Having survived through the working capital crisis honed my diagnostic skills and so when the symptoms return, you can take the necessary action before it’s too late.

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