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New Career

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FlexiGroup Ltd has created a 4th dimension in their offering to the market.

FlexiGroup vendor and commercial division has been formed that will target the sales aid vendor finance sector in Australia.

Traditionally they have targeted the consumer market and have three brands Flexigroup, Certegy & Blink.

Flexigroup have targeted talented personal around the country to create an “A team” to tackle the current lending void in the market.

The group has an impressive history with a solid infrastructure that has not just survived but grown from the Global Financial Crisis. They are a customer and service focused organization and prides themselves on their partnerships such as Harvey Norman.

The most exciting aspect is that the new division gives the “A Team” the ability to create its own business and culture. Each day there are new challenges, but this is what makes it fun.

David will initially working from home as the only employee south of the Murray River and plan to grow the business over the next 3-5 years to a $50m pa operation.

David Quinn

Contact David Quinn at:

Andrew Lewin joins one of the worlds software provider

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Andrew LewinAndrew Lewin has recently joined QAD, a leading enterprise management software provider to manufacturing and consumer products customers, as Principal Business Consultant.  Andrew’s role is to provide business process and operations consulting services to QAD customers as part of the leading edge of customer engagement.  He is focused on assisting customers to solve their business challenges through improved use of their processes, systems and people. Andrew brings with him more than 15 years of experience in industry / consulting with Accenture, Mars & Co Consulting and locally with Portland Group across diverse industries serving both large and small clients, with particular emphasis on supply chain improvement.

QAD brings the power of simplicity to enterprises worldwide.  Every day, the world’s leading manufacturing companies rely on QAD to run their global operations. QAD provides innovative enterprise software, services and support, with steadfast commitment to the future of global manufacturing.  QAD has more than 5,800 customer sites across 90 countries, with operations in 27 countries.

Under the Blowtorch with David Burlew

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Under the Blowtorch with David Burlew
National Manager, Market Representation,
Nissan Motor Co (Australia) Pty Ltd

David Burlew

First paying job?
Cleaning the toilets and mowing the grass at the local shops. I think I was 11 or 12

Most favourite song?

Lazy, Deep Purple, Machine Head 1972 Side 1, track #2

Song that you never want to hear ever again?

Lazy, Deep Purple, Machine Head 1972 Side 1, track #2

Who are the 5 people you would like to be marooned with on a dessert island? (careful your wife might have access to this blog!)

Ginger and Mary-Ann, Capt Jack Sparrow cause he seems to be pretty handy on a desert  island and Richie Blackmore (lead guitarist from Deep Purple, I’d give him one more chance)

In an employee the trait you admire?


The trait you thoroughly dislike/despise?


What was the name of your first (rock) band?

Your Shout

In another life who would you like to be?

In another life, I think I would like to be me. I reckon I could get it right this time.

Who are 3 leaders you admire and why (dead or alive)?

Jesus Christ, an inspirational example of selfless leadership (see answer #13), My mum, at 85,  awarded OAM 2010 for services to volunteering, and JFK bay of pigs (which I believe ultimately cost him his life)

You speak of negotiable and non negotiable rules for employees, what do you mean by that and what are they currently?

If my team understand where the electric fence is located and what the consequences are for breaching the fence, they are more likely not to get themselves into trouble. So it’s only fair that they understand the boundaries.  These include:-

No surprises … i.e. always keep me in the loop.  If there is bad news I want to hear it from you, not my boss and not from a customer.

Don’t tell me lies.

Don’t steal from me.

Words of wisdom you would pass on to a young Y gen?

People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care

What are your greatest strengths (this might challenge your modesty!)?

Clarity of purpose, sense of humour, including a fair capacity to laugh at myself. I am told by others a sense of fairness and if I see a wrong, I try to fix it.

What learning (or if there are several) has had the most impact on your life – business or personal)?

Personally when Brony endured two bouts of cancer and beat it. We received a no Bull Shit miracle and that changed my life on a spiritual level. Commercially it was the recession we had to have. Having survived through the working capital crisis honed my diagnostic skills and so when the symptoms return, you can take the necessary action before it’s too late.

Procrastination the killer of too many dreams!

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By Keith Millar

All my life I have suffered from chronic procrastination. I would start off many projects with all the enthusiasm in the world then suddenly stop like I was a rabbit in the head lights. It would seem then the more I became inactive the greater it grew as a problem in my mind.

I would then rationalise that I would take the action, work on the problem, do the chore when I ‘felt’ more like it! And of course as days rolled on, I became more and more less likely to take any action.

Often the real reason is that I hadn’t really thought through what I was trying to achieve and therefore hadn’t crystallized my first actions.

Other times I had a fear of failure for what I was trying to achieve.

Quickly your ‘inner voice’ gives practical advice that maybe you should rest up, take a break and attempt the action tomorrow. Sound familiar?

The real problem is that you don’t know it as procrastination and it drives your loved ones, friends, team mates and employees crazy.

I offer these 7 Actions to reduce its impact on your relationships and dreams:

1.   Have a clear set of goals
in all areas of your life written down and kept somewhere you are regularly reminded of them.

2.   Don’t wait until you ‘feel like it’ before you start action. Get it under way as soon as possible, irrespective of whether you feel like it. It is amazing how good you will quickly feel.

3.   Spell out and list the benefits (both tangible and emotional) from achieving the chore, project or making that unpleasant phone call. And continue to remind yourself, review that list and add to it.

4.   Begin the project with the end in mind. Visualise the report being handed in, imagine how great you feel when the unpleasant task is completed.

5. One which has a great impact on me is “Doing the hardest job first”. Being one of the first tasks you do in the day, when your energy is at its zenith.

6.   Recite these words when you are starting to hesitate with action: “If not now when? If not me then who?” It is a reality check that should get you going.

7.   Break the task into very small micro actions and baby steps just to get you started. Inertia starts to morph into momentum. Your attitude and confidence builds and pretty soon you are well into the task.

I hope you took the time to review these 7 strategies and you didn’t put off reading this blog till you “felt like it”. Commit to becoming an Action Jackson. It could have a major effect on how successful you become and the dreams you realise.


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By Joe Manariti, Managing Director, Swim Communications

Joe Manariti

How can your website assist and support your sales effort?

Increased activity is going to be the difference between companies that grow and ones that struggle in 2010. Businesses have seldom been more receptive to considering new suppliers and contractors than they are right now.

So, good sellers are out selling harder than ever before. But how do you increase your sales effort without hiring new staff or asking existing employees to work even longer hours?

How do you heighten a company’s profile without expensive ad campaigns or spending a fortune on direct mail?

The answer is that you do it bit by bit. Or byte by byte to be more precise. A company’s website can be the best sales support any account manager, BDM or rep ever had.

So, here’s my 5 point checklist that will help your business make sure that it works as hard online as you do offline!

1.   Does your website establish your businesses credibility?

This is KPI No. 1 for any website. Does the website make your business look professional and competent? Update those broken links and add new text and photos to tired pages. Is your site only 5 pages? How does that reflect on your business to your existing and prospective customers?

2.   Does your website make it easy to get in touch with you?

Making sure the “Contact Us” button is easy to find is Web 101. Behind that button make all contact information easily accessible. Don’t listen to the “spam-o-phobics” who want to hide the email address or tell you to spell it out: nosalesatyourbusinessdotcomdotau???. Include a map and even a photo of your head office as well. Google Maps will even help customers navigate to your door.

3.   Do you update your website regularly?

How many times will a customer visit a website that doesn’t get updated? Twice. You wouldn’t sit through the same sales pitch a second time either! You can even add a Contact Management System (CMS) to your website so you can add the new information yourself.

4.   Do you use email to help you stay in touch with your prospects?

Do your customers only visit your website the first time they meet you? You can start inviting repeat visits and enquiry by collecting email addresses and informing interested people to return to your website whenever you can find reason: product innovations, price fluctuations, new catalogues, clearance lists, special offers and more. Email prospects with purpose; not for the sake of it, that’s spam.

5.   Does your website add to your prospect database?

Add a “Sign up for newsletter” button and start database building. Your existing web developer should be able to add a newsletter engine to your site without much trouble. And they’re easy to manage when you get a good one. Try

Good selling is communicating. These five tips are all about how to communicate better using the web. You need to speak up to be heard, and that applies online just as it does offline.

All of these actions are basic, easy to make changes. The online implementation effort and cost is a fraction of the offline equivalent – there’s not even a postage stamp required once you’re set up.

Online efforts can definitely reap sales rewards.

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