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FlexiGroup Ltd has created a 4th dimension in their offering to the market.

FlexiGroup vendor and commercial division has been formed that will target the sales aid vendor finance sector in Australia.

Traditionally they have targeted the consumer market and have three brands Flexigroup, Certegy & Blink.

Flexigroup have targeted talented personal around the country to create an “A team” to tackle the current lending void in the market.

The group has an impressive history with a solid infrastructure that has not just survived but grown from the Global Financial Crisis. They are a customer and service focused organization and prides themselves on their partnerships such as Harvey Norman.

The most exciting aspect is that the new division gives the “A Team” the ability to create its own business and culture. Each day there are new challenges, but this is what makes it fun.

David will initially working from home as the only employee south of the Murray River and plan to grow the business over the next 3-5 years to a $50m pa operation.

David Quinn

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