WELCOME to The Captains’ Club Business Edge

We are a forum comprising business owners and senior managers, challenged by tomorrow’s brave new world. Despite all that is happening; globally, nationally and factoring in change in our industry sector, we have the tendency to return to work after a summer break, and pick up where we left off.
Big Mistake!

Because we are creatures of habit and if we look outside our front door, things look perfectly normal. The sky hasn’t fallen in. We are so preoccupied being busy, we don’t notice the evolution on steroids that is happening. The situation is best summed up by the article New Normal, written by the Ian Davies CEO, McKinsey & Co, the world’s leading management consultancy.

“If you are waiting for the things to get back to normal after what we have gone through in recent times, we are going to be waiting for a long, long time. In fact it never will. We now have the NEW NORMAL.”

So… What is the New Normal?
Seth Godin puts it to us like this: “The epic battle of our generation is between the status quo of mass and the never-ceasing tide of weird. The weird are now more important that the many, because weird are the many.”

As a direct result, Captains Club was founded so we can have an opportunity to introduce a new format which will help “interrupt our thinking”. Explore new ideas such as social media, building member numbers for quality interaction, along with the intent to share knowledge from each of our own businesses.

Napoleon Hill named it the Master Mind idea, employing the idea of ‘synergy’.

We invite different leading and successful entrepreneurs to come and address the group, along with high sort after ‘thought’ leaders. Sharing their knowledge on the world we all do business in. Even our loyal members will be asked individually to share on themselves as it is important that we learn from all experiences and create a high playing field for synergy to take place.

Captains’ Club will provide a business edge to those who are good but dare to be great – one might even dare say, a little weird!

Keith Millar

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